Monday, October 18, 2010

Did you know?

You can receive a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1500 for simple, and easy energy updates!  A&E Construction has emerged as a leader in energy updating, and our team can be there to assist in all of the following projects:
o   Windows and Doors:  Replacing either of these can significantly decrease energy bills, by strengthening the barriers between your house and the outside environment.

o   Insulation: Many houses have inadequate insulation that lets much of the outside air seep in.  Installing new insulation can in many cases lead to the greatest decrease in energy bills.

o   HVAC Systems: Whether it be your furnace, or air conditioner there are options to help improve the efficiency of your home.

o   Water Heaters: A significant amount of your energy bill is allocated to heating the water, however new technology has developed heaters with a considerable reduction in energy output.

o   Roofing: Replacing an outdated roof can help to alleviate the heat transferred from the sun, thus reducing cooling costs.

This program however only lasts until December 31, 2010!

For more information visit, or contact A & E Construction at 609-737-4425

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