Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Siding & Design

Now that we're gearing up for spring, it's a great time to begin performing basic home maintenance on your house or replacing roofing & siding.  Over the past few years, A&E has completed numerous siding projects that have dramatically enhanced the look of a home. Today, we want to show you the design process that goes into each of our siding installations.  
A&E proudly installs James Hardie siding.  Hardie siding is one of the premiere brands in siding and features ColorPlus Technology, which provides a vibrant finished color that is very durable in all weather elements. The house above was done in Hardie Siding's classic Monterey Taupe shade. 
We work with our clients to provide a detailed design for their siding needs.  The A&E design team will create a 3d rendering featuring any color a homeowner chooses from the Hardie collection.  This gives homeowners an accurate idea of what their home will look like upon completion, while also providing them with a wide range of choices. 
A&E Siding Design
The Pennington house above was sided with Hardie Boothbay Blue.  The family wanted to maintain the look of their original home, so the Boothbay Blue provided a complimentary match to the original paint.

Just recently we worked on a design for a family in Princeton who wanted to install new Hardie Siding.  After going through several designs to achieve the perfect look, the family ultimately choose Boothbay Blue as well.


Monterey Taupe

Autumn Tan

Boothbay Blue


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    1. I don't know how I missed this...love it. I walked a railroad most of the way to school all during elementary school, and still down there to catch the bus to high school.

  2. Could you please guide me about sidings?? Which siding you feel is the best and in fashion now-a-days..??

  3. Great place fit for hardie siding installation houston cause it more attractive when it is install in this kind of area.

  4. Excellent transformation. From a grungy old house to a new classic modern one. Good job!

  5. Thank you for all of the comments everyone!