Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A&E New Year Reminders

A&E: New Year Reminders

A&E Volunteers Help Deliver Generators to Staten Island

Hurricane Sandy left thousands of people without power and homes. A&E employees, along with local Pennington high schoolers, volunteered to help set up and deliver gas generators to Staten Island families in need. 
A&E Volunteers

Power Your Home with an Emergency Backup Generator

After Sandy, we had an influx of clients looking to install emergency backup generators in their homes. Please contact us via our website or call us at 609-737-4425 if you are interested in installing an emergency backup power system in your home.

An emergency backup system with a transfer switch outlet will allow you to power your primary circuits such as heat, sump pump, well pump, refrigerator, lighting, or the T.V.  

Sub Panel
Installing an emergency backup system with a transfer switch is safer and more convenient than running multiple extension cords around your home. 

Unlike extension cords, a transfer switch system can run devices that are not connected to a cord such as heaters and well pumps. 

When your power returns, other appliances or lights that are not run through the emergency generator will turn on; thus alerting you to flip the transfer switch back to the normal position.

Be Comfy and Save Money in the New Year

Princeton Blower Door Test
From now until June 2013, New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star(HPwES) program will give homeowners rebates of up to $5,000 and a 10 year no interest loan for qualifying home energy improvements. 

Make a New Year's Resolution this year to cut down on your energy bills! The first step to energy savings is filling out anenergy audit questionnaire.

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