Friday, March 25, 2011

Dormer Addition: A Day in Review

5 p.m. Dormer Addition Weather Tight

Last week we began a dormer addition project in Pennington, NJ.  Check out the dormer addition from start to finish right here.  

Before Addition
12 p.m. In progress

With excellent planning, committed employees and dedicated subcontractors we were able to construct the new gable dormer addition and secure the exterior from the weather elements by staying late to clean and protect the area from the ensuing rain later that night.
7 a.m. Interior Before Renovation

12 p.m. Interior During Renovation

We work hard to create a beautiful dormer accent that will look like it’s been a part of your house all along.  While maintaining the continuity of style with the rest of the house and creating additional natural light, A&E’s dormer designs are a great addition to your home on both the interior and the exterior.  

The interior of the new dormer expands the floor plan creating a larger bedroom space.  The windows were held approximately 36" off the floor to allow for a bed to tuck under the window sills.  

5 p.m. Interior Cleaned and Weather Tight 

Finally, some ideas for dormer additions range from making a beautiful reading spot to adding more natural lighting in your bedroom.  Whatever your choice may be, you will love the window view!

Be sure to check back with us for additional updates to the new dormer addition project. And check out our portfolio for an array of before and after pictures featuring our additions and renovation.

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