Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A&E Design: A Kitchen Transformation

At A&E Construction, we want your project to turn out exactly as you envisioned it. Our design team works diligently to transform your room into an efficient and beautiful space. Check out our remodeling steps for more information on the A&E design process including detailed proposals, site visits and superior client communication.
See the process unfold below:
Kitchen Before
After the initial consultation, we will create a custom design that will best fit the renovations you are looking to perform on your home.

We will provide a floor plan depicting the proposed renovations along with a 3D rendering giving you a sense of what the room will potentially look like. A&E’s innovative designs will enhance your room functionally and aesthetically to meet your expectations.

At the top of the post and below are images of the completed kitchen remodeling featuring a granite island, custom wood cabinetry and a new open floor plan for easy access. Check out our design gallery for a portfolio of our work and most recent projects. 

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