Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finished Bathroom Renovation: Skillman, NJ

Over the holidays, A&E started and completed a master bathroom renovation in Skillman, NJ. Just a few days ago, we had a chance to visit the homeowner and photograph the space. Here, we show you the major changes to the floor plan and the finished space!

During the remodeling, a major goal was to fully utilize the space without making major changes to the existing layout. As seen above, the only changes in wall structure were the removal of the closet walls (to the right of the entryway) and the removal of the catty-corner behind the original vanity. These minor adjustments allowed us to move the vanity to a single wall and to add a cabinet fixture next to the toilet. The replacement of the corner tub with a freestanding tub freed up space, allowing the homeowners to enjoy a much larger shower.


After: a view into the new master bathroom.

After: the placement of the new tub allows it to receive natural light throughout the day. The choice of flooring (although it looks like hardwood, it's actually tile!) complements the color of the walls and makes the space feel warm and comfortable.

The glass shower adds to the "light" feeling of the interior and the color of the shower tile matches that of the floor tile.

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