Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Princeton Basement: Sheetrocking and Spackling

Two weeks ago, A&E introduced you to the Princeton Basement project that is taking place in the same home as the Princeton Kitchen Remodel that we completed just last year. Over the past 2 weeks, we have completed framing, sheetrocking and spackling, and are prepping to paint and install the flooring and cabinets!

July 3: The framed storage space.
July 16: Two views of the sheetrocked storage space, double doors into the storage space, soffit and column.
July 3: The framed laundry space and corner closet.
July 16: The sheetrocked laundry space with corner closet and door.

July 3: The framed stairs and closet under the stairs.
July 16: Two views of the framed stairs, closet space, soffit and column.

Later this week, we will be painting and adding the finishing touches! Check back soon to see the transformation!

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