Thursday, April 7, 2011

Design your Door Interactively

Therma Tru Virtual Designer
If you've ever had trouble picking out a new door for your house or you're in the process of narrowing your choices down, we have a solution for you.  Visualize it out loud on paper and not just in your head with Therma Tru's picture perfect virtual designer.  And do it for free with A&E.  
A&E's door additions let you experiment with various door designs so you can choose the door that fits your entryway best.  

Send us images with our contact form or come in with photos of your door choices and we can provide you with a virtual portfolio of each door.

In addition to a virtual viewing of your selections, with the Federal tax credit incentives, you can qualify for major tax credits when you install a new door on your house.  

Get up to 10% of the cost up to $500.  The tax incentive applies to past years so you can take advantage of it now if you haven't in previous years.
Wooden Patio Porch Doors
New doors can dramatically change the interior and exterior design of your home while also helping you save on energy bills with efficient air-sealing.  From contemporary to classic looks, A&E's design team will help you choose the look of your door by providing you with top door designers and giving you virtual visualizations along the way.  

Wrap-around windows in study
Wrap-around windows and patio slide doors, featured here, are great for creating extra natural lighting and a beautiful, open floor plan.

If you have any questions about energy tax incentives, fill out an energy audit questionnaire or check out our energy audit page for constantly updated information on auditing and tax incentives for homeowners.  And be sure to check out A&E's door & window installation gallery for a portfolio of our past work.

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