Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Common Basement Flooding Causes & How to Fix Them

Many people throughout the East Coast suffered from home damage caused by Hurricane Irene last month.  Even in central New Jersey, we felt the impact as several homeowners in the Princeton and Pennington area experienced basement flooding that caused thousands of dollars in damages.

In response to this, A&E will provide solutions to basement flooding and how to take preventative measures to keep your home secured and dry in common storm and flooding events. We’ll take you through all of the necessary steps that will help you provide better drainage in your home with a guide to sump pump installation following in our next post.

Checking Your Basement’s Flooding Ability:

Most basement flooding problems are simply drainage problems on the outside of your house. Therefore, the first step is to start on the outside by checking the exterior perimeter to make sure that you have a good slope in place to direct water away from the foundation walls.  

Also check your gutters to make sure that they are not clogged and that downspouts are directed away from the house so that discharged water will flow away, rather than towards your home.

After observing the perimeter of your house, if you do note any ground depressions or water puddling near the foundation, there are 3 basic steps that you can take to correct this.
Before Basement
After Basement

How to Correct the Inflow of Water Towards your House:

1.  Rake back any mulch and then add new top soil that is tamped and sloped away from your house.

2. Install 3” of landscape plastic around the perimeter of your home.  Then rake back mulch or stone to reduce erosion (this will also add some curb appeal to the look of your home)

3. Another tip that will reduce drainage issues is to connect your down spouts with underground pipes to lower areas away from the foundation. 

If you have any further questions on protecting your home from basement flooding, feel free to comment below or contact A&E Construction.

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