Monday, September 19, 2011

A How to Guide to High Quality Paints

Benjamin Moore Envision Color 2011

A new paint color can dramatically transform the look of a room with just an investment of a few hours of painting time and a few paint cans.  It all really comes down to choosing the right kind of paint.  Many people are afraid to buy high quality, expensive paints because of the price tag, but A&E wants to provide you with some insight on one of our go-to paint manufacturers and the 3 innovative types of paints they offer.

First off, there are several differences between the high quality paints and the cheaper, low quality paints starting with the amount of work it takes to apply on walls.

More expensive paints contain higher grades that allow for great surface coverage.  

While a cheap can of paint may take 3 coats, an efficient high quality paint like Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint is a guaranteed one-coat application on the exterior and 2 coats or less on the interior.  It’s so good that Popular Science dubbed it one of the best new products of 2007 when it was first introduced.

A Few Points about Aura Interior Paint:

Aura paint is washable in any finish from matte and eggshell to satin and semi-gloss. Unlike any other paint on the market, Aura paint features pigment particles that are embedded in binder molecules which permanently locks in color for richer hues that don’t fade. With over 3,000 hues and color-matching technology it’s also quite easy to find coordinating colors for unique colors in your home.

Benjamin Moore products regularly meet and exceed national and state safety standards across the country.  The Aura paint is a low-VOC paint that features a fast one-hour re-coat time in order to reduce the amount of labor time as well as the time you have to wait to move into a room after painting.

Recommended For: New or previously painted wallboard, plaster, masonry, wood, wallpapered surfaces, primed or painted metal, new or coated acoustic ceilings. 

Another difference between low quality paints and high quality paints is that low quality paints often show brush marks and smudges.  Furthermore, when you try washing dirt or a smudge off low quality paints, you end up washing off some of the paint as well.  Higher quality paints provide smooth coverage and a durable, washable coat on your walls. Benjamin Moore’s Regal paint line perhaps illustrates this best.

A Few Points About Regal Interior Paint:

First created in 1956, Regal is Benjamin Moore’s longstandingpremiere quality paint.  It has constantly evolved over the years and now comes in eggshell, flat, semi-gloss, matte and pearl.  The Matte is one of the most popular and is probably one of the best choices of finish for walls because like most flat or matte finishes, it hides flaws and imperfections extremely well.

The Regal Matte possesses superb stain resistance with a 100% acrylic flat enamel. Stain-release technology and microscopic ceramic beads make this paint a durable and washable material.  Unlike low quality paints that spatter, The Regal Matte contains spatter-resistant technology that allows for easy application and fast clean up.

Recommended For: New or previously painted wallboard, plaster, masonry, primed or painted wood or metal. Interior walls and new or coated acoustic ceilings. 

Finally, an innovative, eco-friendly paint is Benjamin Moore’s Natura.
A Few Points About Natura Interior Paint:
Natura is an amazing zero-VOC paint that features Benjamin Moore’s customary washable and fade-resistant finish.  In case you’re wondering exactly what are VOC’s…better known as volatile organic compounds, they are solvents that get released as conventional VOC containing paint dries.  

VOC’s can cause minor symptoms like headaches or dizziness, while long term effects are not as certain (some VOC’s are suspected carcinogens).

Benjamin Moore’s Natura comes in waterborne prime, eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss.  Since we haven’t talked about a gloss finish yet, we’ll briefly overview the specific features of the Natura Interior Semi-Gloss.  

Unlike other zero-VOC paints, Natura stays zero-VOC even after tinting, giving you an odorless paint regardless of color. Low-VOC and zero-VOC  are especially recommended for painting baby’s nursery or children’s rooms in order to protect against potential household toxins and also create healthier indoor air. 

Recommended for: Priming and sealing new or painted drywall, wood, concrete, plaster, other porous surfaces. 

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