Monday, September 26, 2011

More Reason to Go Green

Going Green has been touted for its ability to decrease energy bills as well as reduce your impact on the environment. But there's more that meets the eye with energy efficient upgrades. EcoHome’s second annual design awards prove that eco-friendly isn’t just functional, it’s beautiful.

Here are two picks from EcoHome’s winning homes that we found especially innovative.

The Celo House utilized natural materials both on the inside and outside of this North Carolina house.  EcoHome praised this home for tree preservation, patio and driveway construction that controlled water runoff, rainwater storage for irrigation and more.  The windows and doors use low thermal emissivity argon-filled glass.

The Caterpillar house features a modern design that utilizes traditional methods like ceiling fans and cross-ventilation to eliminate the need for air conditioning.  According to the article, “Its east-west, slightly curved layout maximizes passive solar gain, and additional energy savings come from concrete floors and rammed-earth walls that act as a thermal mass to protect against temperature fluctuations”.  This California home also has sustainability-certified cabinetry and reclaimed cork flooring

So if there wasn’t enough reason to go green with the incentives from NJ Home Performance with Energy Star, there’s a bit more with all of EcoHome's eye-catching designs that also happen to be eco-friendly.

A&E specializes in home energy efficient improvements and is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor.  We know how to help you make the upgrades you want for your house while also creating a design you'll love. 

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