Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garage Addition Almost Finished!

The images below display the changes that have happened since our last post! In that post, it was noted that the windows and vapor barrier had been installed, that the roof was shingled, that the interior of the garage had been dry walled, and the ground excavated for the base material of the driveway. Since then, a lot has happened to make the garage look as well as it does. The inside has been freshly cleaned and painted, and is ready for homeowner use. The garage doors and the lights above them have been installed and are in working condition. The new siding has been completed and matches the original siding perfectly. Lastly, the soffit and fascia detailing have been finalized, and new gutters have been installed. Stay tuned to A&E Construction so that you can see the final post and pictures regarding this garage addition process! In the next post, you will see the finished addition, including the completed driveway with it's final grading touches.

Don't forget what the house looked like before!


  1. I can't wait to see the final product of your garage project. You might want to add LED lighting fixtures in the vicinity to add security to the area.