Thursday, August 30, 2012

Screen Porch & Kitchen Renovation Part 3

A&E Construction's Screen Porch and Kitchen Renovation is making fast progress! At the front of the house, the outside of the laundry extension is currently being prepared for the installation of new Cedar Lap and shake siding. At the back of the house, blue stone is being wet laid on top of the finished slab, and workers are in the process of installing the new fiberglass roof system. Within the house you can see that after removing the wall and placing the beam, the kitchen is a much more open and roomier space. Lastly, the installation of the kitchen cabinets has begun. Stay tuned to the A&E Construction blog posts to read more about this project and others like it that are in the pipeline. 

Laundry extension being prepped for siding.

Blue stone being wet laid on top of the slab.

Back porch structure & new fiberglass roofing being applied.

One of A&E's best hard at work.

Removing the wall really does add more space!

Beginning stages of installing the new cabinetry.

 Pete in the process of floating out an uneven ceiling.

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the works and would like to see the beginning stages, then click here!


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