Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Job Underway!

Everyone has been busy and working hard here at A&E Construction! Just recently, we began a new renovation project right here in Pennington, NJ. The project includes a new screened porch, refurbished kitchen, and an updated mudroom. The images below show the house before and during the beginning stages of the porch installation. 

The House before any porch additions began.

The first stage was to relocate (not get rid of) the plants 
and shrubbery that were in the way of where the deck is to be built.

In the process of finishing up trench footing.

Stone for slab sub base delivered prior 
to footing excavation for ease of unloading.

Jim and son Greg in the process of 
pouring the trench footing.

Block foundation wall laid and area prepped 
for porch slab with plastic and wire reinforcement.

Keep following the blog posts for A&E Construction in order to keep up to date with this new project, and the steps taken in order to complete it with efficiency and quality.

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