Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Design Origins of A&E's Pool House Addition

This week we began construction on our brand new pool house addition.  Before we show you photos of the actual renovation process, we'd like to show you the detailed designs and sketchings that go into every A&E home remodeling.  
Back of House Design View
Garage Design View of Addition
When clients contact us for work, A&E's design team prepares detailed computer designs and sketches until you're satisfied with the look of your home.

For this pool house addition, we created an extension coming off of the garage, creating a two story pool house.
On the first story is the kitchen and wash area.  A&E Construction created a spacious, open floor plan with plenty of counter space as well.  
Over the next few weeks as we work more on the pool house, we will be installing custom cabinetry as well as specialty windows and doors. 

On the second story, we created a comfortable loft room perfect for entertaining guests.  As you can see, we provide an extremely detailed vision of what any potential renovation will look like.  

After an initial consultation, clients can get a real sense of the layout of a room with our comprehensive floor plans and 3D renderings.
2nd story Loft
Check back with us to see the complete photo-journey of A&E's pool house addition from start to finish in upcoming posts!

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