Friday, June 17, 2011

Princeton Dormer Addition Day 2 & 3

As promised, here is our updated blog on A&E's Princeton Dormer Addition.  We'll take you through Day 2 & Day 3 with a first-hand look at the incredible planning and quality workmanship of our dependable employees and skilled partners. 
Day 2 Front View of Home
On Day 2, A&E was able to finish the interior of the dormer addition with partition walls for the master bathroom and walk in closet.  We also made great progress on the exterior by water shielding the roof and the walls from the ensuing thunderstorm last night.

The benefits of hiring an experienced contractor like A&E lies in the fact that we plan effectively with our partners and subcontractors to avoid weather problems or delays and complete the job in a fast and effective manner.

Unlike a small contractor who can take several weeks to finish a project like a dormer addition, often running the risk of rain leaks and other weather damage, A&E Construction works quickly and deftly to complete your dormer addition in days.  

Hamilton Supply
We are proud of our work and give credit to our quality partners from the Howarth Group, Spectrum Remodeling, Bardachino Electric, Domanski Plumbing & Heating, Hamilton Supply to Carnevale Disposal for their timely and effective service.

By the end of Day 2 we had demolished the roof area to make way for the addition and then constructed a water tight dormer to protect the interior of the home from the thunderstorm last night.

Day 3 Back View of House, 10 a.m.
Making sure the dormer area was water tight is something A&E takes very seriously.

Leaving an unsecured area exposed to rain can cause major water damage to the new addition as well as first floor areas like the kitchen and living room.

By Day 3, A&E's skilled employees and our expert partners were able to install windows, waterproof Tyvek side walls, and complete the finishing touches to the front portico.

We finished phase one (demo, framing, weather proof) of the project in just a few short hours this morning, completing this week's Princeton Dormer Addition by 10 a.m.
Day 3 Front View of Dormer & Portico, 10 a.m.

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