Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Completed Pennington Dormer Addition

Back View of Completed Dormer Addition
Our last couple of blogs have been all about the design and renovation process that goes into constructing a dormer addition.  We'd like to stay on this topic again today, but offer you a new perspective with our completely finished Pennington Dormer Addition.
After Addition
Before Addition

The main picture above showcases the continuity of style that is maintained between the new dormer addition and the existing house structure. To really see the impressive integrity of design A&E implements in this addition, compare the before picture of the house on the left to the after picture on the right.

Interior Window View
While enhancing the exterior of the house, A&E's Pennington dormer addition also created more floor space for a new master bedroom and bathroom.

The interior design of the room now features this gorgeous window overlooking the backyard as well as multiple closets.

Unlike many dormer additions that result in slanted ceilings, A&E's design features an open floor plan that doesn't sacrifice any ceiling space.

Like our Princeton Dormer Addition, this dormer addition was completed in just a week with all of the proper weather sealing and protection from outside elements.
Master Bathroom

With the combination of excellent planning, hardworking employees, and our skilled subcontractors we were able to add an extra bedroom and bathroom while creating an attractive exterior accent to the design of this Pennington home.

Compare Day One of A&E's Pennington dormer addition with the finished product by checking out our first blog entry on this renovation.
Bedroom Interior

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