Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update: A&E Pool House Addition

Everything can change in an instant.  In construction, it's not exactly instantaneous but at A&E Construction, we do pride ourselves on getting things done on time and efficiently.  A&E's pool house addition is proof of that. Today's blog update will focus on all the progress we made in just the past two days on site.

A&E Construction left off last week by finishing the installation of the footer.

Following this, we began work on the structural framework of the house and ended with completing the roofing and the protective Tyvek paneling.

As you can see in the photos, we started laying down the framework of the house as well as building up the surrounding walls.

A&E's employees pose for a picture
After we built up the walls, we focused on the structural framework of the roof (above). A&E's hardworking employees were able to completely finish all of the structural components of the house by the second day.

Check out our first pool house design blog showcasing the initial design plans behind the construction plan to see how far we've come.

Once the structure of the pool house was complete, A&E's team worked on getting all of the preparations for the actual roof installation by covering it with protective weather-proof coating (below).

Structural framework, check.  Roofing beams, check.  Weather sealed, check.  Keep reading this week as we continue work on our Central Jersey pool addition.


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  4. Just finished our poolhouse! Backyard Rooms installed it in just a few days! Love it, Should have done it sooner.