Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pool House Addition: First Days on Site

A&E Construction Pool House Addition Day 1
Now that you’ve seen the design view of our pool house addition, we'd like to fill you in on all the work we've been doing on site.  Continue reading to see the excavating, concrete footing and blockwork installation that was completed in just a few days. 
A&E excavates the area
On the first day, we excavated the area around the addition in order to pave the way for concrete footing. 

After the excavating was finished, A&E’s skilled employees dug out the footing for the addition and promptly poured concrete footing in.  

Doing this in one day avoids the problems that can occur with an open trench or caving water. 

Installing a concrete footer correctly provides a firm foundation for the concrete blockwork and walls that go up next. 

Blockwork& Parged Wall
Concrete Footing

Upon installing the footer, A&E Construction focused on building the blockwork and walls which will become the foundation of the pool house.  We successfully completed the concrete blockwork and parged the walls in one day, giving us a timely start on the rough plumbing work we'll show you next.
Concrete Blockwork
Keep reading for updated posts on A&E's pool house addition.  We'll take you through the rough plumbing work as well as pouring the slab for the foundation in our next post.

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