Friday, June 29, 2012

Garage Addition Part 2

Framed Garage (front view)

Framed Garage (corner view)

New Garage Interior View

New Garage Interior View

New Garage Addition

    Since the last post, more work on the garage addition has been completed! After the foundation was prepped (as shown in the last post), the slab was poured. After installation of the slab, the garage was then framed. Looking at the interior pictures above, you can see how much the garage has been expanded to include more room for storage and parking for the family.

    Keep updated for the final steps toward the completion of this addition! The last and final steps will be roofing and siding!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pennington Garage Addition: First Days on the Job!


A&E Construction is currently working on a garage addition in Pennington, NJ.  The new project is still a work in progress as A&E Construction begins demolishing and excavating the site in order to enlarge the garage. 

The new addition will provide the homeowners with a more spacious garage and a fresh new look once the A&E team is finished.  

The addition will also require modifications to the roof and some new siding. The footing has been dug, and the foundation of the new garage has been laid.  To the left is a picture of the excavated soil and completed foundation. 


Since the foundation is complete, the new garage is ready for installation of a slab and the  rough framing. Both the slab and rough framing will be installed in preparation for the exterior of the new garage. 

Thanks to our A&E team the garage will be finished in no time! It is still a work in progress, so stay tuned for an update! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Princeton Kitchen Remodel From Start to Finish

Just last week, A&E Construction finished a major kitchen remodel in Princeton, NJ.  The homeowners wanted a clean, modern look with new high-end appliances.

A major concern of the homeowners was creating more space in the kitchen without having to perform an addition. A&E met the homeowner's needs with a fresh, modern design that increased space and movement in the kitchen.

In order to make the most use of the area, A&E re-worked the existing space with a new floor plan that placed the stove-top and appliances in a different area while expanding the floor plan to create more cabinetry and counter top space.

Adding a large Pella architect series window brought more natural light in the room and complimented the sink and faucet area.

A&E installed new Starmark cherry wood cabinetry with a burgundy finish. The dark cabinetry provided a unique contrast with the original, lighter tile that remained in the kitchen. We also installed Crema Bordeaux countertops that further complimented the contrast between the cabinets and the tile.

Balancing the design of the cabinetry and the countertops, A&E installed a silky Ivory Cream Tumbled Limestone back splash. We created a nice custom finish to the stove area by installing an inset tiled niche back splash above the stove-top.

In addition to counter tops and cabinetry, A&E worked with the homeowners in choosing high end appliances including the elegant and functional BlueStar hood & range and a Miele Dishwasher. The Miele dishwasher features a panel on the front of it which gives it the look of completely blending in with the Burgundy finished cabinetry.

Finally, A&E added a custom touch to this kitchen that any wine lover would appreciate. We created a floor to ceiling wine built-in enclosure between the floor to ceiling cabinets that can hold up to 14 bottles!

This Princeton kitchen remodel was completed within a four week time frame thanks to the hard work and dedication of our employees.

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