Monday, May 19, 2014

A bit of marble and a touch of inspiration
 A master bath comes back to life

The master bathroom is a safe haven for all of us: a peaceful setting for the comforting morning ritual everyone needs to start the day off right, taking a hot shower that seems to wash away the stress of hours of work on end...  So when the years begin to fade away the bright coats of paint and gleaming tile, it just makes sense to give this beloved room of pampering a well-deserved makeover.

A makeover is precisely what this Pennington master bathroom has begun to experience. Below can be seen the existing bathroom before demolition began:

The shower mud pan, before removal of the existing tile & grout

What a view to capitalize on!

The toilet nook, soon to be it's own room!

So, what's in store for the new master bathroom? We are proud to present the plans for an elegant and modern master bath that would put a smile on anyone's face. These renderings begin to describe our vision:

Brightening up the space

Soft grays and whites in the walls, floor, cabinetry and countertops bring a softness and cleanliness to the space -- soothing for those early mornings -- while the handpicked tiles bring a uniquely tactile quality to the room.  The classic carrera marble brings an even greater sense of indulgence; and in conjunction with the sharp, clean edges seen throughout the room, black contrasting accents and updated light fixtures, this bathroom begins to feel like the luxurious spa that it was destined to be.

Dreaming of a complete transformation

The removal of the shower wall frees up the space, bringing a newfound airiness to the master bath. With so much room and light, it would be difficult not to envision a steamy cloud of heaven creeping from the shower, or a mountain of bubbles filling up the tub. (Or in my case, complete freedom to exercise my secret shower karaoke habits.)

Renovation projects are exciting for all of us at A&E Construction -- we get the chance to listen to clients' wants and needs and give them a new space that really performs aesthetically and programatically to its full potential. Stay tuned to watch as the construction of the project brings this dream to life!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Progress in Princeton
 Time for a Remodel

We are pleased to announce the completion of a home addition/renovation in Princeton, NJ!  Commenced in January, the design included provisions for a new addition that would contribute to the spatial development of a beautiful kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, and master suite expansion.

From its beginning, this home inspired our designers to create a new and improved space that would revitalize both the interior and its facade, in order to maximize the potential of this incredible house in accordance with the needs and desires of its owners.  A vision for a functional yet handsome space that appealed to the home's traditional aesthetic began to take shape, and soon thereafter construction began.

Right off the bat, a visit from Jack Frost brought some unfortunate precipitation--  but a little bit of snow was no match for our dedicated construction team, and the addition seemed to sprout up from the newly laid foundations in no time.

With the skeleton complete, it was time to gut the interior.  Behold the second-story bathroom.  These before/after photograph comparisons show the drastic transition that transformed the room into a truly modernized and elegant parlor space.  Soft lighting fixtures, a strategic window, and violet coloring create a tranquil aura guaranteed to make any early morning grooming session a more pleasant experience.  In addition, handmade and expertly installed tiling make this bathroom stand out as both unique and exceptional.

 Other improvements to the home included the installation of a spacious walk-in closet space.  The extensive network of shelving and hanging space, in conjunction with plenty of natural lighting, now provides the homeowners with all the tools necessary for both organizing and dressing.

Finally, we take a look at the kitchen as it existed before renovations.

The addition to the home allowed for an opening up of the room, creating an area suitable for both daily use and for entertaining guests.  The large windows and the additional floor area from the addition, create an open-air feel that relieves the space from feeling cramped and crowded.  In addition, the relocation of the refrigerator, and the addition of a center island and desk add extra functionality to the room.  Finally, the new dining area and counter-top bar provide a social place with plenty of seating, while maintaining a close interaction with the adjacent cooking area.

The A&E Team and the homeowners are pleased to share the final product! Hard work, attention to detail, and a high level of communication throughout the design and construction processes culminated in a refined and operational home addition that is sure to serve its owners well in the decades to come.