Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update: A&E Pool House Addition

Everything can change in an instant.  In construction, it's not exactly instantaneous but at A&E Construction, we do pride ourselves on getting things done on time and efficiently.  A&E's pool house addition is proof of that. Today's blog update will focus on all the progress we made in just the past two days on site.

A&E Construction left off last week by finishing the installation of the footer.

Following this, we began work on the structural framework of the house and ended with completing the roofing and the protective Tyvek paneling.

As you can see in the photos, we started laying down the framework of the house as well as building up the surrounding walls.

A&E's employees pose for a picture
After we built up the walls, we focused on the structural framework of the roof (above). A&E's hardworking employees were able to completely finish all of the structural components of the house by the second day.

Check out our first pool house design blog showcasing the initial design plans behind the construction plan to see how far we've come.

Once the structure of the pool house was complete, A&E's team worked on getting all of the preparations for the actual roof installation by covering it with protective weather-proof coating (below).

Structural framework, check.  Roofing beams, check.  Weather sealed, check.  Keep reading this week as we continue work on our Central Jersey pool addition.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Go Green, Save Green: Summer Home Improvement Incentives

This summer, NJ homeowners can save that extra green...while going green with New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star Summer Promotion
We'll give you the need-to-know details on the special summer 2011 promotion. If you're thinking about doing work on your house this summer, consider scheduling an energy audit to see how you can save thousands of dollars on your home improvements.

The HPwES summer promotion gives NJ homeowners the following incentives:
  • Qualify for up to $5,000 in financial incentives.
  • 0% interest financing (up to $10,000).
  • Get a 10 year no interest loan when you qualify for energy savings of 20% or more.
Energy Savings:      Program Incentives:       Summer Discount:
10-19.99 %                                      $1,000                                              $500
20-24.99%                                       $3,000                                              $750
25% +                                              $4,000                                              $1,000
The summer promotion is currently running till September 30, 2011.  The first step to your home energy savings is scheduling an energy audit.
A&E is a certified Home Performance Contractor under the Building Performance Institute accreditation.  We have performed several energy audits and energy-efficient upgrades in and around the Pennington area.
A&E Construction's home energy audits determine where homeowners are using the most energy and where they are losing energy. 
Our energy audits typically take 3 to 4 hours to complete as we comprehensively test heating and cooling equipment, insulation levels, air sealing, windows, doors, appliances and lighting. A&E’s energy audits cost $225, but this audit fee is completely refunded if you choose A&E to complete the energy related improvements on your home.
Immediately following the audit, A&E will provide you with a 2 page summary report.  One week later, we'll provide you with a more comprehensive report including a proposal for your renovations as well as all energy efficient upgrades that qualify you for the financial incentives available with New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star solutions
Check out A&E's Energy Audit FAQ page for any questions you may have about the HPwES program as well as how to prepare for an energy audit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pool House Addition: First Days on Site

A&E Construction Pool House Addition Day 1
Now that you’ve seen the design view of our pool house addition, we'd like to fill you in on all the work we've been doing on site.  Continue reading to see the excavating, concrete footing and blockwork installation that was completed in just a few days. 
A&E excavates the area
On the first day, we excavated the area around the addition in order to pave the way for concrete footing. 

After the excavating was finished, A&E’s skilled employees dug out the footing for the addition and promptly poured concrete footing in.  

Doing this in one day avoids the problems that can occur with an open trench or caving water. 

Installing a concrete footer correctly provides a firm foundation for the concrete blockwork and walls that go up next. 

Blockwork& Parged Wall
Concrete Footing

Upon installing the footer, A&E Construction focused on building the blockwork and walls which will become the foundation of the pool house.  We successfully completed the concrete blockwork and parged the walls in one day, giving us a timely start on the rough plumbing work we'll show you next.
Concrete Blockwork
Keep reading for updated posts on A&E's pool house addition.  We'll take you through the rough plumbing work as well as pouring the slab for the foundation in our next post.

The Design Origins of A&E's Pool House Addition

This week we began construction on our brand new pool house addition.  Before we show you photos of the actual renovation process, we'd like to show you the detailed designs and sketchings that go into every A&E home remodeling.  
Back of House Design View
Garage Design View of Addition
When clients contact us for work, A&E's design team prepares detailed computer designs and sketches until you're satisfied with the look of your home.

For this pool house addition, we created an extension coming off of the garage, creating a two story pool house.
On the first story is the kitchen and wash area.  A&E Construction created a spacious, open floor plan with plenty of counter space as well.  
Over the next few weeks as we work more on the pool house, we will be installing custom cabinetry as well as specialty windows and doors. 

On the second story, we created a comfortable loft room perfect for entertaining guests.  As you can see, we provide an extremely detailed vision of what any potential renovation will look like.  

After an initial consultation, clients can get a real sense of the layout of a room with our comprehensive floor plans and 3D renderings.
2nd story Loft
Check back with us to see the complete photo-journey of A&E's pool house addition from start to finish in upcoming posts!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Completed Pennington Dormer Addition

Back View of Completed Dormer Addition
Our last couple of blogs have been all about the design and renovation process that goes into constructing a dormer addition.  We'd like to stay on this topic again today, but offer you a new perspective with our completely finished Pennington Dormer Addition.
After Addition
Before Addition

The main picture above showcases the continuity of style that is maintained between the new dormer addition and the existing house structure. To really see the impressive integrity of design A&E implements in this addition, compare the before picture of the house on the left to the after picture on the right.

Interior Window View
While enhancing the exterior of the house, A&E's Pennington dormer addition also created more floor space for a new master bedroom and bathroom.

The interior design of the room now features this gorgeous window overlooking the backyard as well as multiple closets.

Unlike many dormer additions that result in slanted ceilings, A&E's design features an open floor plan that doesn't sacrifice any ceiling space.

Like our Princeton Dormer Addition, this dormer addition was completed in just a week with all of the proper weather sealing and protection from outside elements.
Master Bathroom

With the combination of excellent planning, hardworking employees, and our skilled subcontractors we were able to add an extra bedroom and bathroom while creating an attractive exterior accent to the design of this Pennington home.

Compare Day One of A&E's Pennington dormer addition with the finished product by checking out our first blog entry on this renovation.
Bedroom Interior

Friday, June 17, 2011

Princeton Dormer Addition Day 2 & 3

As promised, here is our updated blog on A&E's Princeton Dormer Addition.  We'll take you through Day 2 & Day 3 with a first-hand look at the incredible planning and quality workmanship of our dependable employees and skilled partners. 
Day 2 Front View of Home
On Day 2, A&E was able to finish the interior of the dormer addition with partition walls for the master bathroom and walk in closet.  We also made great progress on the exterior by water shielding the roof and the walls from the ensuing thunderstorm last night.

The benefits of hiring an experienced contractor like A&E lies in the fact that we plan effectively with our partners and subcontractors to avoid weather problems or delays and complete the job in a fast and effective manner.

Unlike a small contractor who can take several weeks to finish a project like a dormer addition, often running the risk of rain leaks and other weather damage, A&E Construction works quickly and deftly to complete your dormer addition in days.  

Hamilton Supply
We are proud of our work and give credit to our quality partners from the Howarth Group, Spectrum Remodeling, Bardachino Electric, Domanski Plumbing & Heating, Hamilton Supply to Carnevale Disposal for their timely and effective service.

By the end of Day 2 we had demolished the roof area to make way for the addition and then constructed a water tight dormer to protect the interior of the home from the thunderstorm last night.

Day 3 Back View of House, 10 a.m.
Making sure the dormer area was water tight is something A&E takes very seriously.

Leaving an unsecured area exposed to rain can cause major water damage to the new addition as well as first floor areas like the kitchen and living room.

By Day 3, A&E's skilled employees and our expert partners were able to install windows, waterproof Tyvek side walls, and complete the finishing touches to the front portico.

We finished phase one (demo, framing, weather proof) of the project in just a few short hours this morning, completing this week's Princeton Dormer Addition by 10 a.m.
Day 3 Front View of Dormer & Portico, 10 a.m.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Princeton Dormer Addition: Day 1

This week A&E began a major dormer addition in Princeton.  We'll show you our progress on Day One as we removed the area for the new dormer, installed a structural roof beam, installed walls and rafters and then cleaned the area and tarped the open roof space for the night.
Existing Exterior Front 7:00 a.m.
Existing Exterior Back 7:00 p.m.

Design Front View of Completed Dormer Addition
We started the job early at 7 a.m.. as we cleaned the area and prepared for the removal of the exterior dorm area. 

Working quickly and with great attention to detail, A&E Construction removed the area for the new dormer addition in just 2 1/2 hours, finishing at 9:45.
Removal of Area for New Dormer 9:30 a.m.
Following the removal of the existing area, A&E worked with our dedicated subcontractors to install a structural ridge for the new dormer.
Structural Ridge Installed 11:45 a.m.

This large structural ridge was installed by 11:45, paving the way for starting work on installing walls and rafters.

The idea for this dormer addition was to create a  master bedroom on the second floor complete with a walk in closet, a second closet, and a beautiful window view from the back and the front of the house.

Our beginning wall and rafter work gives hints at the final look of this dormer addition.
Walls & Rafters Front View
Walls & Rafters Back View

The walls and rafters were completed by 3:00 and we had the open roof safely protected and tarped by 3:30.
House is Weather-Proofed with Tarping by 3:30 p.m.
A&E has extensive experience in creating dormer additions in various styles and for multiple purposes.

Whether you want to expand the existing floor plan, create a new room, or simply gain an interesting window embellishment to your home, we work hard to create a beautiful new dormer addition that looks as though its been there all along.

Check out A&E's design drawing of the dormer addition below to see the spacious master bedroom that this quick renovation will create. 

Browse our local Princeton home addition portfolio for before and after photos of our work. And remember to stay tuned for tomorrow's update on this Princeton Dormer Addition.
Interior Design View of Dormer Addition

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Re-Introduction to Hardie Sliding

No one can talk about Siding without mentioning Jamies Hardie. Providing innovative siding products that dramatically enhance the beauty, value, safety and durability of your home, James Hardie siding is climate engineered for a weather-resistant coating that will protect your home for not just years, but decades to come.
HardieZone System, Engineered for Climate
Add instant curb appeal to your  home and up the value of your home investment with A&E's Hardie sidingA&E is one of only a few James Hardie Preferred Remodelers that are selected and trained to provide you with the best in siding quality and craftsmanship available.

Pennington Home Siding Installation
Check out our portfolio of siding projects or sift through the James Hardie section of the site to find an array of different siding options for your home.  

From installations of premium weather resistant James Hardie siding (with an amazing 30 year warranty!) to vinyl, stone & brick veneers, the A&E team are experts on Hardie siding installations. 

A&E's Pennington siding installation is an excellent example of a fade resistant, ColorPlus Technology Hardie installation.  The coating protects this home from all of the usual New Jersey weather elements such as rain, snow, sun and wind.
Hardie Home Siding

A&E's local Princeton and Hopewell siding installations have added more protection from weather elements while increasing the property value of the home.

Remodeling magazine named Hardie Siding the #1 Return on Investment for the 6th year in a row.  And no wonder!  Re-siding your home can result in an 85% return on investment. 

Comment below or contact A&E here for more information on siding installations or James Hardie products.