Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Building From Scratch!
 in Seaside Park, NJ

A gorgeous new home in Seaside has been the focus of much of A&E's attention these past few months. Although this vacant lot near the shore looked bare at the start, plenty of time, expert construction, and beautiful design work have kept this project on track for an early-June completion date.  

"X" marks the spot... time to get digging!

Foundations in progress: take a look at the rebar configuration!

After working with the client to develop the final designs, we broke ground in November.  A solid foundation is the first step for any major building project, and the piles of dirt shown above are a testament to the hard labor that went into its construction.  With a solid base to build on, our experienced contractors brought the walls to life by way of an extensive scaffolding network.  Even in its unfinished state, the skeleton of the house began to show the types of beautiful views and natural lighting effects that would prevail throughout the finished project.

The top-story terrace begins to take shape

Plenty of windows for viewing the beautiful seaside landscape

Construction persevered despite the damp New Jersey weather, and the spaces within and around the house began to take shape. When the woodwork was completed, it was time to begin implementing the finishes that will designate the home as a true masterpiece when completed.

Our dedicated team at work in the cold rain

Now with completion on the horizon, the house is already showing some of the precise detailing, fresh coloring, and lightness that will characterize the final product.  A wonderful addition to the neighborhood, this home will surely serve its owners well.  Stay tuned to see the project after completion!