Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 Updates (Bathrooms)

Many of our clients in 2010 chose to remodel their bathrooms.  Recently those clients were generous enough to let us take after pictures of their transformation.  These pictures along with the descriptions below offer an idea of how A&E Construction can assist you in remodeling you bathroom to fit your needs.

Bathroom A:
For this master bathroom remodel, the client wanted the luxury of a fresh, modern look that wouldn’t break the bank. The original tub enclosure was removed and we installed a larger, more modern shower area with bench seat.  Additionally, the symmetry and balance of ornamental vanity mirrors with modern vanity spotlights and decorative glass shelf under mirror provided a fresh look to the space.

Bathroom B:

This bathroom was transformed from a weary outdated bathroom into a timeless, for classic design with the installation of an elegant claw footed tub.  We created more storage space with installation of additional cabinetry while also installing a double sink structure in place of the previous single sink.  Additionally, new carrara marble adds texture and compliment to the rich chocolate glazed vanity cabinetry.  Overall, this transformation met the needs off the client and improved the space as a whole.

For more details regarding home renovations visit A&E Construction or call 609-737-4425 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pool House Cabinetry Updates

This week fixtures and finishings were installed in the pool house.  In both the main room and the bathroom Starmark Cabinetry was installed.  These champagne maple cabinets finished with a nickel glaze look to provide storage, as well as house the newly purchased appliances.  Additionally this week, the walls were painted, a Moen shower head in a brushed nickel finish was installed, and the pool outside saw initial framing to the jacuzzi.  Look in the coming weeks for more details about the project.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A&E Construction is thankful for its many loyal customers and suppliers. We want to wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Pool House

This week was a busy week at the pool house.  As you can see below the pool has begun to take shape.  The unique shape is sure to provide endless summer fun.  Inside, the shower was tiled using the same tile design as the flooring, and a GE ptac Heating and Cooling Unit was installed.  This will provide the space with a low maintenance temperature control.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pool House Updates

Our Pennington Pool house is moving along quite swiftly even with the cold weather approaching.  This week we were able to take more outside picture as Beechwood Landscape Architects began to construct the patio within the week.  The patio will be made from Bluestone which will give the area a natural feel with its different shapes and tones.  This outdoor space along with the pool which will be installed in coming weeks will provide the family with the ultimate in outdoor living.  On the inside of the pool house, the tile was installed.  The Pavaria Earth 12”x12” ceramic tiles from The Tile Shop in Hamilton, NJ features earthy tones, and will be an easy clean when wet feet walk across.

Look out next week for the installation of more fixtures! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you to all veterans past & present for serving our country!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pennington Pool House....

This week our Pennington, NJ pool house saw the interior drywall installed.  

Drywall 1 (Green drywall indicates a water resistant product.  This is especially important for a pool house!)

Drywall 2

 On the exterior, installation of Hardie Board Siding began, and Bluestone pavers for the patio were delivered

 Hardie Siding 1

Bluestone Pavers (Patio)


Hardie Siding 2
Steps to Patio

2010 Updates (Kitchens)

This week many of our recent customers were kind enough to allow us to take pictures of their completed projects.  Recently we have been busy with many kitchen remodels as you can see in the pictures below.  Stay tuned to see other current renovations from A&E Construction.  

2010 Kitchen Renovations

Before (1)
After Hopewell, NJ (1)
Before (2)

After Hopewell, NJ (2)
Before (3)

After Pennington, NJ (3)

Before (4)

After Pennington, NJ (4)

Monday, November 1, 2010

This week at the pool house....

This week the construction continued at our Pennington pool house.  Below you can see the progress made, as the rough electric and plumbing was installed.
This view standing in the pool house room, shows the full bath inside.
The framing and plumbing for a stall shower.

Outside the wiring for the lighting is installed.

HVAC Systems

Heating & Air Conditioning systems are a major contributor to a homeowner’s energy bills.  These systems include your water heater, air conditioner and furnace.  In order to better understand the severity of these costs, and the ways in which they can be improved, A&E Construction’s home professionals conduct Energy Audits In addition to determining the condition of your HVAC systems, windows/door seals, and insulation, we can detect which systems are not servicing your home in the most effective way and how alterations could save you money.

Replacement of your existing HVAC systems will be a welcomed worthwhile improvement thanks to the quality and reliability of American Standard’s HVAC products.  American Standard is a leader in the field of HVAC products and produces revolutionary systems that have the capacity to create over 99% cleaner air circulation in your home. Now combine that with their variable speed blower motors and their Comfort-R technology and you’ll have a system that makes your home more energy efficient along with added comfortable for your family. 

Below you can see the different American Standard products that A&E Construction utilizes to make homes more cost effective while improving air quality. 
Freedom Gas Furnaces 

If you have any questions visit A&E Construction or call us at

Heritage Heat Pumps/Allegiance Air Conditioners

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anderson's A-Series

Anderson Windows and Doors has recently come out with the “A-Series” design which has revolutionized homeowner’s choices.  Anderson’s new style casement window (below right) has the look of a double hung, while still providing the functionality of a casement window.  A- Series windows all meet or exceed current Energy Star’s criteria.  Also new with this series is an unprecedented 11 exterior trim options.  They range from the standard white to a newer “red rock” trim.  All of these options let you create a one of a kind look in your home.  With the "A-Series" installation is now even easier with, as the molding comes pre-cut and with many options to match existing styles.  This creates simplicity and flexibility for all projects.  In addition, buyers now also have a choice between six different pre-finished interior stains.  So whether you are matching your darker kitchen cabinets or the antique furniture in your home, the A-Series provides many options to create a space of your own.

Anderson is leader in environmental efficiency and was recently named as Energy Star’s Partner of the Year for their exceptional work in windows.  To learn more about their future in sustainability, follow Anderson Windows and Doors’ blog to see energy efficient products and ideas.

Anderson Windows and Doors are a staple in many of A&E Construction’s home renovations, because of their high quality and superior durability.  Our energy audits help to detect where and how your windows or doors can be efficiently improved, and qualify you for a Federal Tax Credit.

For more details contact   at 609-737-4425

Monday, October 25, 2010

Trex Transcend Overview in 90 seconds

A&E Construction uses Trex Decking in its outdoor projects, due to its low maintenance and durability. See for yourself above:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New this week!

We recently began the construction of a pool house in Pennington, NJ.  The homeowners were looking to update their backyard, and we currently have the foundation poured and the framing went up.  Check out the pictures below to see the progress.

Before 1

Before 2

The Design

Framing 1

Framing 2

Monday, October 18, 2010

Did you know?

You can receive a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1500 for simple, and easy energy updates!  A&E Construction has emerged as a leader in energy updating, and our team can be there to assist in all of the following projects:
o   Windows and Doors:  Replacing either of these can significantly decrease energy bills, by strengthening the barriers between your house and the outside environment.

o   Insulation: Many houses have inadequate insulation that lets much of the outside air seep in.  Installing new insulation can in many cases lead to the greatest decrease in energy bills.

o   HVAC Systems: Whether it be your furnace, or air conditioner there are options to help improve the efficiency of your home.

o   Water Heaters: A significant amount of your energy bill is allocated to heating the water, however new technology has developed heaters with a considerable reduction in energy output.

o   Roofing: Replacing an outdated roof can help to alleviate the heat transferred from the sun, thus reducing cooling costs.

This program however only lasts until December 31, 2010!

For more information visit, or contact A & E Construction at 609-737-4425


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